things that make me want to punch you in the face

asking me to put a QR code on your website

sending a million messages / emails / invites / dms (etc) about yourself or your stupid blog

punching me in the face

stubbing my toe on something you left lying around

self righteousness



cutting me off in traffic

tYPe lIk3 DiS..

not thinking about others around you

sending emails filled with “u” “ur” “lol” “def” “lmao” etc.

slowly jaywalking while cars are coming

having any sort of bumper sticker with “learn english you’re in america” or similar ignorant statements


not listening



laziness (i mean, like, all the time)



disrespecting others

playing dumb

telemarketing calls

bluetooth douche bags

taking my stuff


cutting in front of me in line


calling yourself a “social media expert”

leaving broken glass and litter around a public park

unnecessary group facebook messages

adding me to your “buywhatevercrapyouareselling group” on Facebook


having a full window/car display of an american flag and/or eagle with american flag, etc.

Using reply-to-all to tell people to stop using reply-to-all

those auto generated horoscope tweets

not following through with things you commit to

not taking responsibility for your actions

putting QR codes on your website

being rude

using IE6 (or IE8)

not caring about others around you

using the “15 items or less” checkout lanes in the grocery store when you have way more than 15 items

being a douchebag

hitch balls


auto DM’s

having one of those calvin peeing on something decals on your car

#completely #misusing #hashtags #by #typing #like #this #in #Instagram


pretending to listen, but instead you’re really just listening for when the other person is done talking so you can reiterate your side of the argument

putting your stupid baby as your profile picture on social media. all. the. time.

adding me to that same group MULTIPLE times after i leave the group

checking that “also send email to your circles” box in google plus for your stupid shit. ESPECIALLY when i don’t know you

denying climate change

driving in a lane that you know will close, because you can see all the signs that everyone else seems to be obeying

hurting my friends